- WALLS ONLY - All ways will be painting excluding ceiling,trim,doors,baseboards or closet.

- TWO COATS COVERAGE- All walls will be painted two coats, Minor nail holes will be patched and sanded,

- PAINT ISN'T INCLUDED, We can supply paint for extra charge.

OFFER ENDS 3/20/2017

$ 1199.99

Includes: Painting 2 bedrooms,2 Bathroom,Living room,Kitchen,Hallway,Laundry room,2 Closets (WALLS ONLY) *

Doesn't include painting ceiling,trim,doors,baseboards or closet.Can be painted for additional charges.

Max.room sizes :12 x12 x14 - Any ceiling Higher than 14 ft. will be charge extra.


*Two coats coverage,*Paint included,*Up to 1,200 sq.ft house/home

OFFER ENDS 4/15/2017